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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Glue - Demo 2012 - S/T 2014 - Flowers Of Friendship 2015

Country: Austin, Texas - USA 

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Unknown 
Glue Demo 2012, Glue S/T 2014, Glue Flowers Of Friendship 2015.

The 2012 Demo to this day is still one of the great hardcore punk albums I've ever heard. It's full of powerful guitar, and bass riffs. Followed by some raw vocals and drums of course. Every song is sure to stick in your playlist for years to come. High recommended..

The 2014 S/T is just so fucking good.. It's name speaks for itself. It'll GLUE itself to your playlist..
Recommended the song Backwards Society. 

Flowers Of Friendship 2015 is just more hunger to unravel the flowers of friendship. "hint hint" 
Listen man, all these albums are fucking gold. Either you get with the hunger or who cares 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Institute - Catharsis

Country: Austin, Texas - USA
Genre: Punk / Post Punk 
Label: Sacred Bones Records

The album Catharsis was released on June 9th, 2015 through Sacred Bones Records which have a huge line up with a bunch of rad bands. Having members from Glue, Wiccans and Back to Back these dudes use such an obscure sound with anarcho punk style and just powerful energy that makes you want to go! This album is defiantly one of the best album's released this year (well to me). It's filled with such high energy and of course those catchy drums, guitar riffs, and bass tones. 



Institute - Salt EP

Country: Austin, Texas - USA
Genre: Punk / Post Punk 
Label: Sacred Bones Records 

Institute is a 4 piece band from Austin, Texas. I got to see them at one of the Berserktown fest secret show in Downtown, Los Angeles and woah man..  These dudes have such a fucking raw punk energy, and all i remember is hearing the intro to one my favorite song's "Salt" and being like FUCK IT'S ON. They have such a obscure sound its amazing, those guitar riffs cover with distortion, anarcho punk style drumming, heavy but catchy bass tones, and of course those straight forward drunken punk lyrics makes such an inspiring sound and just makes you want to punch a motherfucker! You can hear mix influences they've used but as the singer from Institute (Moses) said on a interview on Thrasher Magazine said "yeah, yeah. It doesn't matter. I don't think anything punk should matter". 
This album is pure raw energy.
Either you get it or you don't. 



Cat Party - Self Titled

Country: Costa Masta, CA - USA
Genre: Post Punk / New Wave 
Label: Flat Black Records 

Cat Party is a band from Costa Moasta, California. Their self titled album was released back in 2008 or 2007 not quite sure but this
album definitely one of my all time favorites and still HOLDS till this day! Every song in this album is great, ill make you keep that repeat button on for weeks or months! I recently just seen them live for my first time and they're just very awesome people with this super catchy sound. Don't sleep on this! It's pure gold. 



Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Floor- Personnel (2005)

Country: Canada
Genre: Post Punk / Synth / Shoegaze / Electronic 

The Floor is a band from Canada with very little detail about them online. Very obscure and killer songs! Using electronics, classic post-punk bass tones, and of course with a very vigorous shoegaze mix. Very catchy sounds that'll make you hit that replay button! 

(Discography Download) 

Diät - Everyday/Hinge & Bracket 7" (2013)

Country: Berlin, Germany
Genre: Post Punk / Deathrock
Label: Iron Lung Records

DIÄT is a trio from Berlin, Germany. Diät play a melancholic style of post punk mixed with deathrock elements. This the follow up to their Pick A Line / No Accent 7" Highly Recommended!!! FFO: Killing Joke , Total Control , Synthetic ID


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales PLUS CD (1981)

Country: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Genre: Post-Punk / New Wave
Label:  Dindisc 

Mondern Eon is band from Liverpool, United Kingdom. Recently came across the album Ficton Tales and its defiantly an album to hear! It's a bit of classic in it's genre, but the record is held in high regard by those who’ve discovered it. Although the record did not make a splash as their contemporaries (Echo & the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, Modern English) did. Amazing minimal Post-Punk / New Wave for its age.