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Sunday, January 22, 2017

SICKO - Demo '16

Country: California, United States 
Genre: Hardcore Punk

SICKO.. From what i saw on their bandcamp page they first started out as Icko Sicko. Straight edge hardcore punk band from Chico, California. Now they're known as Sicko, but dude. Their 2013 demo and their 2014 EP fucking rules. It's that straight forward fucking hardcore man. You'll love it but yeah back to this 2016 Demo.. 4 powerful fucking songs, these dudes are fucking fast. The drummer.. haha man. Woah.. 



Cinderblock - Self Titled

Country: Boston, United States 
Genre: Oi Punk

Yep.. Cinderblock. Oi punk from Boston, these dude's are fucking good. Ranging from good instrumental work to down right great fucking lyrics. Self tilted with 13 tracks? What else do you want. Straight in your face..
Enjoy. If you like what you hear, support the band! 



Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cochina - Demo 2015

Country: Chicago, United States 
Genre: Punk

I found this demo on Terminal Escape like quarter of demo's that are on my playlist.. But anyways. He made a good point, this demo isn't played by some super talented musicians, which actually this band happens to a four piece girl band from Chicago! Which is fucking rad. It's not what they are doing but what they will do in time.. Which i hope they are still playing but if not.. This demo is still pretty fucking rad. "Complejo de Salvador Blanco" and "Cerdos" are really good tracks.. Like really good. Enjoy.



Monday, January 16, 2017

Fundamental - 8 Unhealthy Trax Demo

Country: California, United States 
Genre: Punk 

Hell yeahhhhh, Fundamental. Members of Condition, Stupid Life, Aspex, and The Dark.. (and many more) This band is fucking great to see live, if you ever see them playing around the local area. It's a must go. You'll get your drank and your fix, insanely fast and LOUD. Listen to this demo full volume. 
You'll enjoy it 


S.B.F - Self Titled

Country: California, United States 
Genre: Punk 
LabelAbnormal Broadcasting 

Dude.. Abnormal Broadcasting has some really really good band's. Perfect example would be S.B.F. Two piece band from California, not sure where in cal but who cares. These dudes are really good, super catchy tones, riffs, drumming, and that distorted ass bass. Must have this tape. 

[Support the band, get the tape]

Problem Child - Last Minute Cassette

Country: West Palm Beach, Florida 
Genre: Punk, Noise Rock, Grunge  

Sooo... There i was sitting in my car getting dranked up before going to a gig and my friend was playing album's thru his bandcamp feed. Problem child came up and that first song from this tape "Last Minute" played and i was like yep.. This is one good fucking band. This tape is just way to good to not be heard. 




Sunday, January 15, 2017

Folleto - Ladron E.P

Country: Los Angeles, United States
Genre: Punk 

FOLLETO! Ladron E.P was self released in 2016, recorded by Toby at the junkyard. Also with sick art by Sal. Took em like 2 hours to record this E.P, bring you 3 tracks of fucking straight forward los angeles punk sound. I remember seeing them for the first time and being fucking mind blown because at that time i was quite clueless that a sound like that was even out there. This E.P is one to be put on your playlist because those tracks are fucking great! On the plus side, they just repressed a couple more tapes so if you catch one of their gigs, try to grab a tape before they're gone. The members in this band are quite good friends of mine, really fucking cool people. Also very good musicians. These tracks are noise, fast, and also very catchy and to top it off spanish vocals.. 

Serious shit though just listen to E.P, you'll be hooked. Folleto fucking rules. 


[youtube link] 

Remember if you like what you hear, support the band!!