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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cujo - Demo 2016

Country: St. Louis, Missouri
Genre: Punk, Hardcore
Label: Thrash Zone Tapes




Lux - Demo 2016

Country: Barcelona, Spain
Genre: Punk, UK82

Yes, i stumbled a pond this demo as well. 
I'm glad i did because i'm loving this demo! 
Punk from Barcelona.. 




Lion's Share - Demo 2016

Country: St. John's, Canada
Genre: Punk, Oi
Label: Thrash Zone Tapes

Well.. I finally join the bandcamp game and start following some record labels that lead me to who knows where but i found this gem during that stoned process of looking for new bands. Lion's Share is from St. John's, Canada. This demo is fucking great. It's filled with catchy ass riffs that comments with the bass as well as the drums and vocals, it's all just a perfect fit! 




Country: California, United States
Genre: Punk

These dude's are one of my favorite bands, not much to say but listen. 
can't wait for the full release! 



Monday, February 13, 2017

SOMA - Demo

Country: Los Angeles, United States
Genre: Noisy Dbeat, Raw Hardcore

Alright.. I highly suggest you hear this demo with FULL VOLUME. Blast that shit. 
Soma is a three piece out of the rotten fill 
hell hole that los angeles is; with ex members of 
Kuon and a member from Folleto
This demo comes with 5 noisy dbeat tracks that were 
recorded late 2016 or early 2017 not sure..
 but yeah these dudes are the ultimate burn outs.
 Up and coming band from Los Angeles. Keep your stoned eyes pealed 


Mujeres Podridas - Demo

Country - Austin TX. USA
Genre - Punk

Another good one coming outta Austin. Mujeres Podridas play some catchy raw punk. Listen to this!!


RUT - Attraction

Country - Santa Rosa, CA. USA
Genre - Hardcore / Punk

Considering the demo was one of my favorites releases last year. They've top it off with this one!!


Video Duct - Live in Protocol Vol. 2

Country - Goleta, CA. USA
Genre - Hardcore / Garage Punk


Nosebleed S/T 7"

Country - Richmond, VA. USA
Genre - D-Beat / Hardcore / Punk
Label - Vinyl Conflict



Friday, February 10, 2017

Черная Речка (Black River) - A&B Demo 2014

Country: Kirov, Russia 
Genre: Post-Punk

No doubt one of my favorite post-punk bands. Formed back in 2013, with many releases out already. 
This band does it right.. Every song is perfectly played and thought out. 
2 demos in one, 10 tracks of genuinely play post-punk songs.
Once you hear this demo you'll forever be a fan of Black River. 




Tensión - Demo 2014

Country: Madrid, Spain
Genre: Punk 

Straight out of Madrid, Spain. 
Tensión a four piece band playing punk for all the right reasons.
Trying to escape the shit hole they are in.. Madrid punk for you! 

you'lll enjoy this demo.. recommend 
stay dranked people 

S.H.I.T - Demo 2012

Country: Toronto, Ontario 
Genre: Punk, Hardcore

S.H.I.T is the shit. 
2012 Demo



Spud and the Blood - S/T

Country - CA, USA
Genre - Hardcore / Punk /Weirdo
Label - Abnormal Broadcasting

Another solid release by the dudes at Abnormal Broadcasting. Spud and the Blood are brain melting good!!!


Tightlip - Demo MMXVII

Country - Ottowa, CA.
Genre - Hardcore / Punk

Im a big fan of Canadian hardcore. Highly Recomended!!


Headsplitters - Unjust Cycle Demo

Country - NY, USA
Genre - Hardcore / Punk / D-Beat


FZ-10 - Nuevo Demo

Country - DF, Mexico
Genre - D-Beat / Raw Punk


Deep Creeps - White Rot

Country - Boise, ID. USA
Genre - Hardcore / Punk / Noise Rock


Fetish - Demo One

Country - Houston, TX. USA
Genre -  Hardcore / Punk


Judy And The Jerks - Demo

Country - Mississippi, USA
Genre - Punk


Blazing Eye - Ways To Die 7"

Country - Los Angeles CA, USA
Genre - Hardcore / Punk / D-Beat


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

Radiation Risks - Demo

Country - Buffalo, NY USA
Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Sax and Hardcore listen to this shit!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Narcoestado - DEMO 2014

Country: Mexico
Genre: Oi, Punk Rock, Post-Punk, 

5 song demo from Narcostado, punkers from Mexico City! Released back in 2014. I think i found this on youtube a while back, i was digging thru my itunes today and i totally forgot that i had this album on there.. So there i go listening to shit i totally forgot existed in the bottomless void of my itunes. Anyway Narcoestado means (Narco Government), they are a mix of oi and dark punk. Really catchy tunes though.. Really catchy. With members of Tercer Mundo, Muerte, Mujercitos, Ratas del vaticno. By punks for Punks. 
You'll enjoy this demo