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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Liquids - Brandon's In Jail

Country: Northwest Indiana, United States
Genre: Werido Punk, or what ever they're great

LUQUIDS! These dudes are a four piece from Northwest Indiana and man. They have some nasty, trashy, snot sounding riffs. Make's you want to spazz out, all of their material is always guarantee to be some fresh new tunes you've never known were possible!  I could continue and and say how fucking good these dudes are but just listen to it. Also remember! If you like what you hear, support the band! 


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sunk - S/T (2016)

Country: CA. USA
Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Label: Abnormal Broadcasting

Sunk is a hardcore punk from somewhere in California not to sure where. These fools are one of those bands that just makes you want to smash the shit outta something, Riffs for fucking days. They have a couple of few releases their debut EP is fucking killer . Abnormal Broadcasting has been releasing some quality stuff this year. Go check out some of the releases!

 [abnormal broadcasting]

Homeshake - Midnight Snack (2015)

Country: Montreal ON. Canada
Genre: Jangle Pop /Indie/Chillwave
Label: Synderlyn

"Homeshake is the pseudonym and solo project of Edmonton-born, Montreal-based musician Peter Sagar. As follow up to his 2014 debut In the Shower, Homeshake will release his sophomore effort Midnight Snack this coming fall with Sinderlyn. Midnight Snack was recorded this past winter with Jackson MacIntosh at the Drones club in Montreal. Musically this time around Sagar trades in his guitar for synthesizers and a drum machine, developing vocal arrangements from loops he created for his solo set. He pulled influence from house pioneers like Chip E and Mr. Fingers as well as Japanese pop starlets like Chiemi Manabe, slowing down the tempo with his own homemade drowsiness."

FFO: Hoops

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Q - Recqrd 7" (2015)

Missouri, United States
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Lumpy Records

Q is a four piece band from Missouri and fuck these guys are pissed. Ranging from song lengths of 50 seconds to one minute thirty seconds. Hardcore, and slight d-beat sounds that just make you want to get up and fucking drop kick someone. (probably shouldn't but fuck it kick em) Its really just dirty, ugly and fast for you dqrks. Check them out and remember.
If you like what you hear, you should grab a tape.



The Dark - "ST"

Country: Los Angeles, United States
Genre: Punk 
LabelStatic Shock Records

The Dark.. Now this band is insanely smart, simple but genuinely played. Ive seen them play a few times, and man every time. Always a really great set, their first Demo was also as good as this self title, but honestly once you hear Badge and Gun. You'll say yup, and most likely instantly add this to your playlist.  Los angeles punk for you. 
High recommended as fuck
if you like what you hear, you should grab their tape or a shirt. 

The Minneapolis Uranium Club - Human Exploration LP (Full Album)

Country: Minneapolis, United States
Genre: Weirdo Punk, Punk, Garage, 
Label: Static Shock Records

Uranium Club plays just all around weirdo punk. This album is filled with catchy punk rock sounds, while also keeping a small form of minimalism. Possibly a decent comparison would be Total Chaos.
Prissy Chrissy is no doubt my favorite track on this LP, those riffs are like the feeling you get when you're walking out of the weed shop you know. That sort of laugher and happiness knowing you're about to get toasted and... yeah i compare the song to grabbing weed from a shop.  
Really great stuff though, totally recommend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Glue - Demo 2012 - S/T 2014 - Flowers Of Friendship 2015

Country: Austin, Texas - USA 

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Unknown 
Glue Demo 2012, Glue S/T 2014, Glue Flowers Of Friendship 2015.

The 2012 Demo to this day is still one of the great hardcore punk albums I've ever heard. It's full of powerful guitar, and bass riffs. Followed by some raw vocals and drums of course. Every song is sure to stick in your playlist for years to come. High recommended..

The 2014 S/T is just so fucking good.. It's name speaks for itself. It'll GLUE itself to your playlist..
Recommended the song Backwards Society. 

Flowers Of Friendship 2015 is just more hunger to unravel the flowers of friendship. "hint hint" 
Listen man, all these albums are fucking gold. Either you get with the hunger or who cares