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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rank / Xerox - M.Y.T.H.

Country - SF, CA. USA
Genre - Post Punk / Punk
Label - adagio830

"RANK / XEROX from San Francisco finally return with four songs of messy post-punk with hidden pop jams and dark guitar scratches and synth screamers. Distorting messy and catchy at the same time"

adagio830 (berlin) has been releasing quality stuff for quite some time absolute recommend. Rank / Xerox is good. Song that stands out, is M.y.t.h. The sing along is fucking addicting "Standing in line for the m.y.t.h." Whatever the fuck the m.y.t.h. is. Good shit as always from the bay area.

Highly Recommended buy it!!!

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