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Monday, January 23, 2017

Denim Skull - S/T

Country: California, United States 
Genre: Garage, Punk, Post - Protopunk

Denim Skull is a garage punk, post-proto punk, and gross-fi band from Los Angeles. They have a wide range of styles in their songs, these dudes fucking rule. I'm pretty surprised they're a LA band. I've never seen any flyers of this band. On the way to work today i was hearing Jimmy's mix tape's that he posts on his youtube and "Subculture 666" played and i was like yeahhhh this is dope!
This is their first release, both of their release have been a self tilted but both are fucking great. I really enjoy the gross vocals they have. Hope to see more from this band in the future. 


Support the band! [bandcamp]

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