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Saturday, January 7, 2017

PMS 84 - 7" and Demo

Country: Oregon, United States
Genre: Punk

Hell yeah! PMS 84. Their Demo was Self-Released 2016 and the 7' was release thru Nightrider Records in 2015. I think it was 2016 that i got to see them in Los Angeles not quite sure.. I smoke a lot of weed. Anyways, i do remember their set. Fucking place was packed and of course with a packed place you've got those drunks (me) that spilled beer all over the floor and fuck when they began to play.. it was like a fucking slip and slide party. On the other hand PMS 84 fucking rules. I could try to explain how great they are but i rather you just listen to both the 7' and 2016 Demo. Also the bassist has the sickest neon green bass and she rips as well! If this band is ever around your local area playing gig, i highly suggest you go!  [download link has both tapes]

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