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Saturday, January 7, 2017

G.S.B - Goldman's Beat

Country: Indiana, United States
Genre: Punk with a huge splash of weirdness 

well.. Mark Winter. Total fucking nerd man, G.S.B is another one of his solo projects and of course its fucking great! 6 songs filled with fast loud and weird riffs and yeah.. one pop song that fucking rules. "Quote" is my favorite song on this tape, it's just all over the place with quite angry lyrics. Which i find fucking great, because you know "i'm just an asshole". Also Primus produced this tape according to the front of the tape, now thats pretty fucking rad. If you are a fan of any Mark Winters projects. You will love this one. Its like Coneheads x3 more coneheads if that make's sense but anyways listen to these songs and be consumed by Marks genius writing skills. 


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